A routine health check-up is not enough when you are travelling. Only a travel clinic will be able to help you with the correct set of tests and vaccinations. If you are looking for choices in South London, we provide travel clinic services, along with consultation and a reference to your GP if needed.

You usually need to visit a travel clinic twice - before you set out - and after you return. There is a NHS approved list of vaccinations for each country. In case you are not covered under NHS, we will share the list with you so that you have the option to choose from it or make your own list with our help.  We customise according to your travel requirement. The vaccinations for a holiday in South East Asia will be very different from the tests needed for a business trip to South America. Similarly, our travel clinic will check you on return to ensure that you are not carrying back any illnesses.

In case you are in South London from another part of the country or even from overseas, our pharmacist would be able to advise you on the travel clinic services best suited to your body conditions. You could also request your GP for the same services, but it would probably take more than one visit to round up everything. 

So exactly how does a travel clinic work? Once you specify the destination, type of travel, and details of your co-travellers, we will check some basic parameters such as blood pressure, height and weight. Our travel clinic pharmacist will then prepare a list according to this information and the NHS list. If you are new to the city, the convenient location of our South London travel clinic will streamline the process further for you.

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS Service which can enable your doctor to send your prescription direct to us. We then take care of arrangements necessary to get your repeat prescriptions delivered free to your door.

We provide a wide range of healthcare services at Pulse Pharmacy. Ranging from Medicine Use Reviews and Stop Smoking Support to Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & BMI Health Checks.

At our Wellness Clinic we offer specialised healthcare services; carried out by fully qulaified practioners to help make a happier and healthier you. Whether it be Acupuncture, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Nutritional Advice, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy or Skin Rejuvenation Therapy... we have something to cater to your everyday wellbeing!